Life as a S.S.O.F.F.*
*Suddenly Single Over Forty Female

Hi and welcome to Life as a S.S.O.F.F.*.  If you are one of the more than 24 million women in America who are over 40 and divorced or widowed, then this is the place for you.  If you found yourself “suddenly single over forty” and felt like you were living in a parallel universe,  you are officially a S.S.O.F.F.*,   and need to know you are not alone!

The definitive S.S.O.F.F is a woman who was married or in a committed relationship, believed it would last forever and was happy.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, life changed. Whether through death or disinterest, her husband/partner was gone.

Welcome to a new reality!  I would like you to join me and other S.S.O.F.F.s on a journey of discovery and growth! The purpose of this website is to create a safe place and to help us move into the future with optimism and joy!  So….. as a S.S.O.F.F. you need to be here!

Together we’ll learn how other S.S.O.F.F.s are coping with the issues and challenges that confront us all.

We’ll discuss the importance of (re)Creating yourself – You have changed. Go with it!

We’ll discover how to live with Finesse – You’re not a victim, don’t act like one!

We’ll learn how to (de)Frazzle ourselves – it’s important to find a balance.

“Life as a S.S.O.F.F*” *Suddenly Single Over Forty Female will feature articles from contributors, weekly tips on surviving in this unfamiliar territory, and much much more!

It is our goal as S.S.O.F.F.s to do more than survive. Together we can see our lives ahead as an opportunity to become fully alive, amazing, women!

So join us as we move forward and remember – we are not alone!


Thank you,

Rita Lee Lloyd